Wireless DNC

Enjoy permanent conectivity with no wires!
Move machines without running new cable.


In addition to the standard network connection of your CNC machine tools, eNETDNC also offers a wireless option. In today's lean manufacturing environment, machine tools are more mobile than they have been in the past. A wireless DNC solution allows manufacturing flexibility without compromising system reliability.

The eNET wireless solution is based on the standard 802.11 wireless Ethernet and can be configured to work with an existing wireless network or as a stand-alone system. The wireless configuration is flexible; it can be installed to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with a wired installation.

Each CNC machine is connected to the network via a single port eHUB that converts the RS-232 to Ethernet. This is linked to a wireless access point that communicates to the network. The wireless option eliminates the cost of the running cable to each machine and allows customers to move machines throughout the shop with out changing the DNC system.