What's New in SpaceClaim 2016

SpaceClaim 2016 delivers 10-times faster 3D modeling than any other tool on the market. We've improved a variety of workflows and tools, helping you get your designs and ideas faster to market than ever. You'll see efficiency gains from start to finish. View some highlights below, or check out more details on the SpaceClaim 2016 Fact Sheet.

Reverse Engineering

Major Changes:

The new Skin Surface Tool easily allows reverse engineering of highly organic shapes within SpaceClaim. Easily fit complex surfaces through faceted data.


Reverse engineering with a few mouse clicks. Connect highly organic shapes with a few surface patches, or blend period loops together easier than ever. It's one button, but it contains several built in workflows.

3D Printing

Major Changes:

The new Shinkwrap Tool instantly cleans up models for 3D printing by creating a watertight, regular faceting around selected bodies.


Prepare extremely noisy scanned data or poor quality CAD files for printing in seconds, not hours or days.

Design & General Enhancements

Major Changes:

Several enhancements include locking dimensions, enhanced navigation, a bidirectional link to Keyshot, and translator improvements.


Users have added control and security of model changes with locked dimensional control. Add to that improvements to navigation, and you'll immediately notice the speed gains. LiveLinking to Keyshot delivers a more efficient rendering experience. Since interoperability has expanded, more users can take advantage of Ansys SpaceClaim for more use cases.


Major Changes and Benefits:

  • Scripting - rapidly perform repetitive tasks and create complex geometry
  • Weld Tool - Create accurate, complex surfaces
  • Beams/Shells - Improvements to extraction, libraries, selection, and general manipulation
  • Imprinting - Expanded use cases for faster data transfer
  • Edge Control - Splitting for welds, and cleanup of noisy edges