Raster2Vector Plug In

Finally, a module that allows users to convert JPEG and BMP files into vector drawings inside of GibbsCAM!

Easy to use.

1) Open the Plug In.


2) Select the file to be converted.


3) Voila! Your image is ready to be machined inside GibbsCAM.


See what MrGibbsCAM has to say about the Raster2Vector Plug in.

Download a free trial

32 bit version (Requires GibbsCAM 32 bit)

64 bit version (Requires GibbsCAM 64 bit)

To activate your free trial:

  1. Install the plug in by following the instructions given in the installation file. (Make sure GibbsCAM is closed during the installation)
  2. Select the plug in from the GibbsCAM Plug-Ins menu. This will open a dialog with a Host Code.
  3. Do Not close the window containing the Host Code. You must call Cam Solutions at 905-777-1786 or emailproduct-activate@cam-solutions.ca in order to get an activation code for your plug in. If you clost the Host Code dialog before entering the activation code, a new host code will be generated when the dialog is reopened and the whole process will have to begin again.
  4. Enter the activation code into the appropriate field and click Activate and you will be able to use the plug in.