Complete CNC Editing

This entry-level system is cosft-effective & practical for downloading programs.

eNETDNC LT is a downloadable version of eNETDNC geared towards the machine shop with one or two machines. eNETDNC LT does not use the Ethernet connection and is connected directly to the machine tools using the comport on your computer, usually limiting the connection to one or two machines. Up to 8 machines can be connected using a comport expansion card. The eNETDNC LT system also requires operators to access the computer each time they transmit data.

eNETDNC LT is a fully functional DNC system including a full-featured copy of the eNET CNC editor. The eNETDNC LT version does require accessing the PC each-time a file is transferred while all communication is performed directly at the machine control with the eNETDNC system. The eNETDNC LT version also allows potential customers to use the DNC operations and editor tools for a 14-day evaluation period before they make the purchase decision.

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Compatible
  • Programs can be easily printed, viewed or edited.
  • Search and replace entire file or highlighted text.
  • Interactive 2D and 3D Back Plotting
  • Math functions and mass modify features
  • Smart compare feature
  • Renumber and remove sequence numbers
  • G-code is displayed is easy to read colors for each value, colors and forts can be reconfigured.
  • CNC file can be compressed or expanded.
  • Upload or Download G-code or Mazatrol program
  • 2, 4, or 8 port PCI serial cards available