eNETDNC is an Ethernet based CNC data management system that provides flexible, secure, reliable and cost effective data management, by allowing the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network.

Why DNC?

When companies make decisions about investing in their machine shop, efficiency and profits are always at the top of the list. For those companies currently operating without a DNC system or suffering with a DNC system that constantly goes down, no investment will make a faster pay back than eNETDNC. Most companies realize a payback period of less than 6 months. Some return on investment calculations revealed paybacks in just six weeks.

An eNETDNC system will eliminate the following DNC related downtime:


  • Operators leaving the machine to download CNC files.
  • Tracking down the laptop to load the programs.
  • Searching through numerous floppy's to find the right file. 
  • Running the wrong file revision and creating scrap.
  • Waiting for support personnel to load the program.
  • No CNC files will be deleted or overwritten without authorization.
  • Operators leaving the machine to manipulate the switchbox.
  • Lost CNC files due to the control or the DNC computer crashing.

With the eNETDNC system all download and upload functions are performed at the machine control, by the operator. File organization, storage and back-up are all a part of the eNET system. The Smart File Compare feature controls file revision and insures original files are preserved. All uploads are reviewed for changes and stored for approval.



Machine Monitoring Software and Hardware




eNET OEE Report



As a leading provider of DNC and machine monitoring solutions, at eNETDNC we can provide the data to help customers make more informed production management decisions. Operator log-ins, machine status, cycle times, and preventative maintenance information can be monitored in real-time and stored for export into Excel or Access for further analysis.

When a machine is down, the operator can be required to put in a code corresponding to a predetermined list of reasons. An alert can then be sent to specific distribution lists via e-mail or text message. For example, if the code for “out of material” is entered, a material handler can be alerted. If the code for “tool breakage” is entered, tool crib can be notified. Down codes and notification distribution can be customized according to each customer’s application. Real time monitoring also tracks how often a machine is operating during a shift, holding operators accountable for their production rates. By requiring operators to log in to the machine, management can more accurately track labor costs for a given part number or machine cycle. 


Software easily interfaces with existing networking systems and runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Front office personnel and floor management can access a dashboard that provides a snapshot of the shop floor including machine status and current cycle time. These dashboards provide a valuable tool for management to supervise machines and personnel through a central hub. For more information about our machine monitoring solutions, see the table below, or contact us directly.